Yeasty Church: A Study Through 1 Corinthians

The city of Corinth was a major metropolitan area in the Roman empire. 

It was located in a secure place.

It was wealthy...the merchants of the Roman empire frequently did business in Corinth.

It was an entertainment capital...of sorts.

Just the place to plant a church.

How did that church do?

Are there parallels to the challenges the church in Corinth faced to those we face today?

And what is up with the title "Yeasty Church?"

We'll be taking a deep dive into Paul's "first" letter to the church in Corinth, and as we do, we might be surprised at what we discover.

We'll be discovering some truths about God's work that will take our breath away.

We'll also be subject to looking at ourselves in the mirror, spiritually speaking, and seeing what God sees when He looks at us.

Join us for this journey as we look at what makes a church "yeasty!"

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