The Road to Healing Hearts: Discovering Hope Through Forgiveness and Reconciliation

It's one of the hardest things we will ever do.

But it's one of the most necessary things we will ever do.

Our hope is found in no other place or person but Jesus Christ.

It would follow, then, that His church ought to serve as an embassy of hope to the world, with Jesus’ followers serving as ambassadors to the world, sharing that hope passionately and powerfully.

Yet sadly, too many churches spend more energies and efforts fussing with each other than they do serving as ambassadors of the hope that is Jesus Christ to the world. 

A major reason: the glaring lack of forgiveness found within the church...within the interpersonal relationships that are developed over the course of time.

Why is that? And how do we change that?

Join us throughout the month of June as we pack up and take a road trip. On the Road to Healing Hearts, as we discover hope through forgiveness and reconciliation!

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