Lottie Moon: Lottie Moon was a Baptist missionary. She gave her life in service to the Lord as a missionary. So we participate in the yearly offering by collecting money at Christmas in honor of her name for our mission field. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (International Mission Board)https://www.imb.org/generosity/lottie-moon-christmas-offering/


We also participate in Annie Armstrong’s Easter Offering: (North American Mission Board)https://www.anniearmstrong.com

Tabitha: Tabitha is a woman who is called a disciple in the Bible! Her story is found in Acts 9:36-42. She was known for her good deeds, for helping the poor and sewing for the needy. In Tabitha’s ministry, we sew, quilt, knit, crochet, sort donations, clean and sort lightly used clothing, gather hygiene items, and make dolls and toys and send these to missions and missionaries both here in San Diego and around the world. Some of the missions are standard missions, some of them 

Rescue Missions: We help support the San Diego Rescue Mission. Currently, thousands of men, women and children in San Diego County don’t have a place to call home. The mission statement San Diego Rescue Mission “To lovingly address the needs of men, women and children experiencing homelessness by sharing the Good News of Salvation and providing a holistic approach to rehabilitation and recover”.

Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas (IBBN): As part of our ministry, ECC offers some financial support and the facility for use for Sunday worship and weekly services to the IBBN (Good News Baptist Church) whose origin is in Tijuana, Mexico.