Hope for the Needy

People are needy. No one is exempt from being needy.

Everyone has needs. Some of them are material needs. Others have medical needs. Still others have emotional or relational needs. 

There is one need that everyone has. Literally, all of us.

That need: the need for a personal relationship with God.

That is why we were created: to have a relationship with God, our Creator. Yet because the very first man and woman rebelled against God, no one has a relationship with God on his/her own.

That rebellion is called sin. And no one is exempt from the sin problem. We all have sinned. 

Yet God still loved us all so much that He did not give up on us. He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth and deal with the sin problem.

And He did...totally and completely. He died to pay the penalty for the sin of every single person. Every. Single. Person.

What's more, by believing in Jesus, every person can receive the free gift of eternal life. 

Therefore, every needy person can have his or her needs met in Jesus. Completely.

The problem, however, is twofold. One: churches are supposed to share this hope with their world, but don't. Two: people don't recognize this need because they have other needs that seem more urgent. Like food, clothing, shelter, relationships, and the like. 

The church knows where real hope to meet real needs is found: in Jesus alone. But the rest of the world doesn't care what the church knows. They want to know if the church cares. About them. 

This month, we will take a closer look at bringing hope to the needy. Join us and discover how we can serve Jesus by serving the needy.


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